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Splash ERP Software / School & College Management System

An Integrated ERP Solution to prepare your Institute for the future

Splash ERP

Splash® ERP

School & College Management System
school & College Management System

Scientech offers Splash ERP Software for school, college and institute to manage and administer diverse operations of educational institutes. Splash ERP System includes wide range of ERP Solutions like School Management System, College Management System, Institute Management System, University Management System and Coaching Management System.

Splash ERP System is a fully browser based and web enabled comprehensive automation framework designed specifically to automate various process of an institute effectively. Every module in ERP System is inter-connected with the other, providing users updated and accurate reports within a few clicks. SplashERP Software has role base access rights to users, with which admin can assign the ERP software access to users according to their work and role in different departments. Splash School ERP System and Splash College ERP System have a range of interrelated modules like Registration, Student Management, Staff Management, Class Management, Time Table, Examination with CCE Reports, Fee collection, Account, Payroll, Transport, Library, Alumni, Placement, SMS Alerts, Virtual Campus etc.

Splash ERP Software is tailor made and can be customized according to the needs of educational institute. Education sector has always been in need of a quality ERP solution that could prove to be a core resource planning tool, and can serve to efficiently automate institution’s day to day business processes and Scientech SplashERP System fulfills these needs.

examination module
Examination Module

The examination module covers planning, execution, maintenance and monitoring progress. It enables you to monitor progresses at different levels for various combination of subjects for different terms. It is a powerful exam management engine, which helps the teacher to create a single or cumulative examination report.


  • Grades automatically calculated.
  • Reports can be exported in pdf and excel formats.
  • Generates merit list.
  • Provides class-wise scores of all subjects.
Library module
Library Module

Library module easily handles the maintenance of the library media collections including books, CDs, documents etc. Options for media entry, author details, publisher details, supplier details are also provided. It can issue membership cards and send e-alerts on due dates for return/new arrivals.


  • Functionality for ordering, receiving, and invoicing materials.
  • Member administration.
  • Material reservation by priority.
  • Issue / collection of books.
  • Damage and missing book report.
  • Generate comprehensive reports.
  • Accept / renew issues.
  • Fee / auto fine collection.
Hostel Module
Hostel Module

It provides the option for assigning individual fees as well as the students can be sorted into groups and group fees can be assigned collectively. Rooms can be reserved in advance and will be assigned according to preset priorities. Hostel warden can predict future vacancies, track student’s progress, and aggregate data on population percentages as well as report on incidents and disciplinary actions. It generates automatic e-alerts to parents/guardians on ward's attendance and outstanding dues if any as well as maintains scrupulous inventory control.


  • Assigning of hostel, room, bed to students.
  • Room transfer within hostel.
  • Fee collection details.
  • Paid and due fee reports.
  • Assigning vacated rooms.
  • Room registration and bed allotment.
  • Monitor visitor’s entry.
  • Daily attendance marking.
Fee Collection Module

It is a smart fee management solution with options for both common and class-wise fee settings tracking the records of your school student’s past, future and current fee demand or payment collection receipts. Due reports, Scholarship, discount, receipt printing, advance fee collection, fee cancellation and refunding options are provided. The collection of fee based on student-wise, class-wise or Institute-wise makes the administration work easier.


  • Common and class-wise fee settings.
  • Fine criteria settings.
  • Individual fine settings.
  • Deduction criteria settings.
  • Alerts/reminders to students/parents.
  • Refundable fee management.
  • Advance fee remittance.
  • Fee collection - total/fee head-wise.
Fee Collection Module
Accounting Module

Accounting module tracks every financial aspect of your operation including cash flow, inventory control, accounts payable and receivable as well as dozens of other key elements. Powered by technology that ensures lightning speed, control and super-reliability, it helps to generate balance sheets and trial balances individually and collectively.


  • Account head creation.
  • Vouchers, Daybook, Cash book.
  • Bank book, Journal, Ledger.
  • Trial balance, Profit and loss account.
  • Balance sheet etc.
Accounting Module
Canteen Module

Canteen module is a complete comprehensive solution which systematizes and streamlines menu planning, consumption and billing for your canteen. The perfect designing of this module helps to maintain the daily consumption and to process the purchase of items.


  • Connects to existing Student/Staff Database.
  • Defines and maintains food menus.
  • Consumption details per day/per item.
  • Create optimal menu items.
  • View list of consumed items for specific time period.
  • Maintain production records and recipes.
Canteen Module
Transport Module
Transport Module

It is specifically designed to minimize the manual effort and tedium in vehicle availability, route designing, and student transportation along with the calculation of trip details like distance run, expense incurred, fare settings etc. It optimizes the availability of the school buses and staff drivers. The bus router is a perfect feature that is ideal for route management and the student pickup reducing the ride time, mileage driven and cost.


  • Route management and optimization.
  • Region/Stoppage settings.
  • Conveyance schedules.
  • Driver and helper allocation.
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuel charges.
  • Vehicle service details.
  • Insurance claim details.
  • Tax payment information.
  • Daily trip meter and daily expense calculation.
CBSE CCE report
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

Splash ERP also possess CCE System that's helped to prepare schools to upgrade to the latest CBSE CCE guidelines. The software adheres to the prescribed form and summative test and grading system for scholastic subjects, scholastic activities and respective descriptive indicators...Read More


  • Formative Assessments & Summative Assessments.
  • Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Skills.
  • View overall grade performance during the year.
  • MIS reports for CBSE/Schools at regular intervals.
  • Cumulative report card for IX and X.
Applicant Module
Applicant Module

In applicant module the pre-admission feature takes the hassle out of enrolling new students and it provides an easy and convenient way to manage the large amount of information required for and produced by the admissions process.


  • Criteria and cut off marks setting.
  • Applicant short listing.
  • Interview scheduling & alerting eligibility status.
  • Result entry and publishing.
  • Comprehensive student report generation.
  • Quick/detailed registration.
  • Roll number, admission number settings.
  • Generation of student ID cards.
  • SMS alerts regarding interview or admission.
Time Table ERP Module
Time Table Module

Creating timetables for classes include total working hours available, syllabus and subject, faculty availability, optional subjects and many such parameters. Splash® Scheduler will not just create an ideal timetable for your school, but also help optimize and utilize the resources of your school.


  • Assign period settings to the whole school.
  • Creating timetable manually or automatically.
  • Track absentee instructors.
  • Substitution allotment for faculty on leave.
  • Prevents overlapping of two subjects in an hour.
  • Prevention from clashes between teachers & duplicate periods.
  • Detailed checklist of work allotment class/teacher wise.
Payroll ERP Module
Payroll Module

Splash® Payroll module helps to ensure whether all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct earning and deductions. It incorporates basic salary structure, bonuses and leaves, advances and loans taken, considering the government defined PF/Gratuity/HRA/ESI rules with the utmost perfection. Other than computing employee pay, leave accrual/usage, determines eligibility for benefits generating salary statements, and pay slips as well as optional linkage of loans/advances with transport charges.


  • Assigning salary structure and pay grade.
  • Setting Loan criteria and interest charges.
  • Setting Leave types and allowances.
  • Allocate holidays  and work shifts.
  • Enter bank details for salary remittance.
  • Loan management- Application, Approval and Issue.
  • Salary Advance payment upon application.
  • Monthly Heads Entry for Variable Earnings and Deductions.
  • Salary Earnings and Deductions can be set for structures.
  • Pay slips and annual reports archived for future reference.
Front Office Module
Front Office Module

It assists front office executives/receptionists to organise contacts, to track and manage visitors, create and issue gate passes and provide assistance to parents and students. The time efficient management of all the front office operations within a centralized environment is the specialty of Front Office management module.


  • Monitor the number of visitors.
  • Keep records of all couriers/dispatches.
  • Generation of integrated reports.
  • Reliability in recording details of visitors.
  • Address book, telephone directory.
  • Enquiry and follow up management.
Alumni ERP Module
Alumni Module

It keeps the former students involved, builds attachment to the institute, and thus it can rely on the association members in case of any financial needs. It is an interactive platform where former students can interact among themselves and with the institute after their education and it can be linked to your institute website and can be accessed using a user name and password after initial signup.


  • New group creation.
  • Adding new members to groups.
  • Editing user profile.
  • Post messages online.
  • New member approval.
  • Planning reunions and meeting.
  • Calendar of events.
  • Image gallery.
  • Send SMS.

Virtual Campus

Vcampus Software

Scientech Splash ERP includes Virtual Campus (Vcampus) for comprehensive interaction between Students, Teachers, Parents, and Management on a common web-based platform. Vcampus is linked with the institute portal and is available 24 x 7... Read More

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Fee Report
Library Report
Registration Module

Splash® delivers entire details of the student during his/her academic life in the Institute, beginning from admission time till their TC is issued. Whatever information you search regarding the student, it will be displayed instantly on your desktop via this module.


  • Detailed student profile.
  • Recording history of admission.
  • Student’s overall performance, extra-curricular activities.
  • Maintaining discipline records.
  • Maintenance of student housing details.
  • Monitor student conveyance details.
Registration ERP Module
Attendance Module

Splash® ERP reduces the labour behind attendance tracking through paperwork, it is designed to track and manage attendance in any strenuous situation. The integration of ID card or biometric scanners adds compatibility to the attendance marking procedure.


  • Tracks student/staff attendance.
  • Maintains academic calendar.
  • Exam module compatibility.
  • Holiday scheduling.
  • Customized reports & graphical representations.
  • Alerts to parents/guardian on student’s absence.
  • Monitoring individual and class-wise attendance.
  • Integration with RFID/Biometric/Smart Card.
Attendance ERP Module
Inventory Module

Inventory module deals with institute’s stock taking and warehousing needs. It also monitors the items that are transferred between various departments. It manages the inventory and supply levels in the store. It includes purchase management, sales management, stock transfer management and a list of imperative reports, which helps the user to determine stock levels and add new batches of stock to the existing ones.


  • Detailed Item entry with bar code and batch number.
  • Vendor management and supervision.
  • Institute department setting.
  • Monitoring quotations received from vendors.
  • Issuing purchase orders.
  • Handling material receipt.
  • Maintaining stock ledgers.
  • Barcode/RFID tag compatible.
Inventory ERP Module
Medical Module

Medical module is a fully integrated clinical information system designed for maintaining precise record of all health and medical data. It maintains database of health tips and precaution measures necessary for various common diseases and allergies. It enables the healthcare department of your school to keep a note of the medicines that are used for various diseases. It keeps track of students, their clinic visits, medications, immunizations, and screenings through a well-organized, secure and 100% automated & methodical process.

Medical Module


  • Easy tracking of medical reports.
  • Maintain common allergies and diseases.
  • Diseases-condition report (illness and hospitalization).
  • Patient check-in / checkout details.
  • Comprehensive reports.
  • Medicine stock list and equipment detail.


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