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Splash ERP Software / Virtual Campus

Virtual Enviornment to connect Student, Teacher, Parent and Management together.


Virtual Campus Scientech Splash ERP includes Virtual Campus (Vcampus) for comprehensive interaction between Students, Teachers, Parents, and Management on a common web-based platform. Vcampus is linked with the institute portal and is available 24 x 7. Parents can connect on virtual campus and get child performance in exams and test, check the child attendance in the current session, read and reply to the messages given by the teacher and get the notification regarding pending fees and institute activities. Virtual Campus is a very useful tool to get the notifications of all the current activities of the institute in the individual login.

Virtual Campus Software enhances the level of education with its Collaborative learning platform and increases the communication and interaction between the student and teacher. Vcampus Software acts as an effective medium for school management / college management which addresses the staff, student and parents with its School Notifications, SMS Alerts, and Email features on time to time. Now every institute is adapting new IT trends in learning and administration and Virtual Campus Software is becoming need of every school with its comprehensive features. Scientech Vcampus Software is available both on Web and Mobile/Tablet and can be access anywhere anytime with Wi-Fi or internet connectivity.

Virtual Campus

It includes following sections in teacher and student login:


Contains latest updates of institute, notifications, teacher’s latest messages, attendance detail of student, student performance in latest test.


Student and Teachers can post queries and respond to the posts of each other.

Study Material

Teacher can add Study Material with attachments and web reference links and can also mark a topic as an important. Student can view the Study Material added by the teacher.

Assignment Upload and Submission

Teacher can assign the assignments to the student and provide grades to the submitted assignments. Student has to submit assignments with-in the submission date allotted.

Online Test

Teacher Adds Questions, Creates Test and assign it to students. Student takes test and can review the right answers after result.


Student can check their attendance, while teacher and parents can check attendance of their students.


Student and Teachers can check time tables of their respective classes.

Fee Report

Student can check the Institute and Exam Fee Submitted and gets the alerts for pending fees.

Library Report

Student and Staff can check the books issued and get submission alerts.

Key Holders









Device Compatibility

Vcampus on Laptop


Vcampus on mobile


Vcampus on tablet



Student, Teacher, Parent and Admin individual logins.

Notification of Latest Institute Activities.

Student and Teacher interaction on Forum.

Study Material with attachements and web-links for student.

Assignment Allotment and Submission.

Test Allotment and Test Results Analysis.

Alerts to Parents regarding short attendance, due fees and student performance in exams and test.

Time-Table of a day for Student and Teacher.

Virtual Campus App for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Linked with Institute Portal.

Available 24 x 7.

Get the Splash ERP, with so many features and modules.

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